This is the Answer

This is The Answer.


Men+Women=100(one love)
Father+Mother = 100%+child








100% =100% ≠101%

Only who know
You are not 50%
You are 100%
You are already perfect.

Who are you?
Do you know who you are?
Who are you before born?
Why you don’t know?

There is 2 worlds you have.
Body and soul.

You can only see one side of world
With your body you have now.

How about another 50%?
Don’t you know
You already know where it is.

You can not see with your eyes.
You can see it with your heart.


Can control world.
Who control 1
Who control one.
Who control One love

When you became Man to Father
When you became Women to Mother

You has been changed.
You has decided who you are.
You are created.

Yes, you had created.

Yes, you are the creator.
Yes, you are the god.

Now, you have responsibly
Now, you have loved one.

Who is one?
Who is your loved one?

Respect others
Respect your self
Respect love
Respect one

Because you are the one
Because you are the love
Because you are I
Yes, we are one.

love you.

Form love.